Aatmanirbhar Bharath-Achieving Real Financial Indepedence through localisation

INDIA Is a country with opulence of wealth and natural resources and it is the largest democratic country in the world working enthusiastically towards its betterment with lots of goals and aspirations. Inspite of all these we still lag in production of goods in a large scale to meet the needs of the people the reason behind that is lack of will power and efficiency. So to develop will power and efficiency recently our honourable prime minister modiji launched Aatmanirbhar Bharath.
Earlier during independence struggle India launched swadeshi movement to encourage our indigenous goods and to boycott foreign goods but later in 1990’s LPG reforms our economy got liberalised and trade got developed where imports were increased. All of a sudden due to corona and boarder issues strict lockdown was imposed and trade got stopped and people faced lot of problems as they used to depend upon foreign goods majorly so to increase production level at a large scale Atmanirbhar Bharath plays a key role it is the vision of our prime minister to make India self reliant and to revive every sphere of economy main focus of this programme is to develop all the sectors and some of the sectors are as follows;


Agriculture is the backbone of our country and farmer is the one who fulfils our hunger but in India farmers have been trapped for long in a vicious cycle hurt price realisation kept farmers in poverty. Over the years middlemen created a cycle of buying for very low prices from farmers while selling at higher price to customers so Aatmanirbhar Bharath came with a goal to help farmers. Farmers now can sell anywhere as per their will, this in turn will enable better price realisation for farmers attracting investments and make agriculture compete 1.5 lakh crore fund was given to investment in farm gate infrastructure and food processing industry creates newer avenues of growth,jobs and enterprenuer at a large scale.21 crore concessional credit enabled through kisan credit card alongside to farmers through NABARD. This programme mainly focuses to make sure that products were transported to market. Kisan rail and krishi udan were some best examples.


In a developing country like India defence sector plays a key role and development doesn’t mean only in one sector but overall development according to CIPRI report India is the second largest importer of arms and amunations. So recently ministry of defence had banned import of 101 defence equipment so that our country itself starts mass level production developing indigenous technology. Earlier HAL is the only aircraft machine producing company but now it was given to private sector to make ‘Make in India’ initiative by government successful and ofcourse yes we are going to be excel in defence sector and at present India is sixth biggest defence spender and third largest millatry in the world.


India being a developing country growth in manufacturing sector gradually increasing India I known for its natural resources but still why do we are back in production this is due to lack of awareness so to enhance atma nirbhar Bharath plays a key role to fulfil our needs on producing large number of goods. Self sufficiency in every field production from needle to plane o we don’t have to depend on other country. Self sufficiency strengthens economy where industries are encouraged because of making every item in own country so more industries leads to increase employment. By 2040 India is going to be largest demographic dividend to meet aspirations of youth if that doesn’t happen it is going to be largest demographic disaster so Atma nirbhar Bharath got its boost from natural resources’ business and industries. The big financial foreign investment in indian companies like jio from google and facebook and trails of corona vaccine itself proves our successful step in Atma nirbhar Bharath.


Health is a fundamental human right and a global social goal. India is one the fastest growing economy in the world the very essential component for economic development is health as we all know that good health is wealth and ofcourse Atmanirbhar Bharath is going to achieve remarkable success in health sector where we used to import active pharmaceutical ingredients from china but after boarder issue our medical community especially medical equipment manufacturers had a particular mention this was not just in terms of its ramping up capabilities to meet the present needs during covid-19 crisis but also for the health care needs of nation is upgrading and we already proved it earlier we used to manufacture less number of PPE kits and ventilators but now manufacturing and producing of PPE kits and ventilators reached its new heights and now we are second exporting nation.


Development of any nation depends upon transportation networks the same holds for populous nation like India recently our finance minister announced 102lakh crore national infrastructure pipeline fund which connects all the ways such as road rail water and also includes construction of warehouses establishing new industrial firms and these will be achieved through projects such as Bharatmala pariyojana a new umbrella scheme for the highway sector through effective interventions like development of economic corridor and national corridor and mammoth pan nation scheme to improve road network and Sagarmala programme to promote port led development in the country to develop navigable waterways and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes. In this way it connects all the ways.
In this manner development started taking place in all the sectors such as space sector and latest new education policy is one such best example where it is deviced in change in time involving many cources to develop ones talent.

The time when India will be majorly an exporting nation and less importing then real growth and development will reach every household. Swatantra bharath a feeling of no dependence, no high cost racing etc. a feeling of building the nation with ones own hands and contributing its bid to development. At early years of being self relaint the difficulties and sorrow will follow but as the time passes things will settle down. The glory and happiness will fall into their places and India will be among top exporting nations. Recently our prime minister in independence day speech told that ‘Make in India to world’ and ‘vocal for local’ to develop ones product in which they excel. We the future India plays a vital role in nation building process and to make developing nation to a developed nation. Atmanirbha Bharath is nothing but our production, our employment, our development. Now we all are going to make those lines true ‘If not we then who, If not now then when’ so I as an individual give a call for you all to join the hands for the nation building process.



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