Terms and conditions

  1. Your position in the Organization is on Non Employment basis, where you will not get any salary or monetary benefits from Organization for your service.
  2. Your service in the Organization will be governed by the rules & regulations in force from time to time.
  3. You will not use the name of Organization in any manner (for example, Advertisement/ Media) unless you get written approval from management to do so.
  4. During the period of work as an Core Committee Members/Board Head/Board Members of the Organization, you will not accept any monetary benefits like cash or any favourable goods/services/benefits from any person/organization in revert to the social services rendered by you on behalf of organization.
  5. At any time during the service, the Organization may terminate this appointment without giving any reason in case you breach any terms / condition of this agreement or you get involved in any illegal or criminal activity or you do such an act which Organization thinks as not right.
  6. Organization does not take any responsibility of your actions at any point of time.
    During the period of your service with the Organisation you are expected to devote your holistic efforts towards the responsibilities entrusted to you and will perform your duties to the best of your ability and in best interest of the Organization, in line with directions and guidance from the Management of Organization.
  7. If at any point of time you feel cheated then kindly let us know by dropping a mail at theamikusqriae@gmail.com. Your problem will be solved within 72 hours of working days(Monday-Friday) and if without taking us into confidence you try to defame our organisation on social media platforms or through any other means, then, we are not responsible for any legal action taken against you.