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Labour Code Bill

The Union Cabinet formalized the Industrial Relations Code Bill, 2019, that proposes to amalgamate The Trade Unions Act, 1926, the economic Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946, and also the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.


The Concept of Compensatory Justice

Compensation is the remuneration awarded to an employee in exchange for their services or individual contributions to your business. The contributions can be their time, knowledge, skills, abilities and commitment to your company or a project.

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Daayan Pratha –A Gendercide?

In India, being born and growing up as a boy can mean many things, one of them is, privilege. A hierarchy that continuously puts men on top is male privilege. Special privileges and status are granted to the male section of society


Needless to say what is RAPE. It is a callous deed of some sort of devils existing unfortunately on earth just to show their fake manliness on guiltless bairns and leave them with a scar of guilt on their adorable faces.


Fletcher (plaintiff) established numerous underground coal mines on land adjacent to land on which Rylands (defendant) had built a reservoir for supplying water to his mill.

Criminal Law Amendment Act,2013

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013, more popularly called the Anti-Rape Bill, is now law. The Act came into force on 3rd February, 2013 following the outrage of the entire nation behind the homicidal gang rape that took place in New Delhi on the night of 16th December 2012


Thappad is a story about a woman called Amrita whose life seems perfect. She seemed to have everything a regular married woman could have hoped for: a loving husband, caring parents-in-law, and a decent lifestyle.


Needless to say what is RAPE. It is a callous deed of some sort of devils existing unfortunately on earth just to show their fake manliness on guiltless bairns and leave them with a scar of guilt on their adorable faces. RAPE has become a kind of culture just like the culture of India

Essentials of valid contract

Contract is an essential part of human life. Contract is made between people every day. While renting a house, a book or while selling a car, property, there are some rules that a person has to abide by. If there is loan to pay off the individual has contract with the bank for the repayment. For a contract to be valid there are some conditions that are to be fulfilled. This article tries to cover and explain all of those.

Building Back Better Together for Everyone: Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Stateless admits the COVID – 19 Pandemic

As the above definition, life security and satisfaction for everyone in the world is essential. It is an important process that should be undertaken by both individual and state governments. It is the maxim of human morality and morality. The analysis revealed a clear distinction between refugees and asylum seekers mentioned in the issue, namely that being a refugee must be recognized under the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees, Asylum seekers which requires international protection, but the right to asylum has not

Free Consent below the Indian Contract Act

In Section ten of the Indian Contract Act it’s mentioned that the consent of the parties stepping into the contract ought to be free.
According to Section fourteen of the Indian Contract Act “Consent is claimed to be free once it’s not caused by coercion, undue influence, fraud, untruth and mistake.”


Digital activism is a form of activism that uses the internet and digital media as essential platforms for mass mobilization and political action. It is also called cyberactivism. Another way to explain digital activism is, the use of social media, SMS, blogs, vlogs, online petitions, etc, to bring about some kind of social change in the society. India has a vast population of 1.34 billion people and according to reports released by TRAI, the number of telephone subscribers is 1.2 billion and the number of internet users is 32% that is, 432 million. With such a huge user base in India, the Internet is a workable medium for bringing


The world’s Largest Democracy is unfortunately lacking when it comes to development in legislation and amendments as per the changing needs of the society. The delayed disposal of cases is one of the reasons behind the same. Same is in the case of Marital Rape Legislation.


Have you ever wondered, a young servant boy ‘CHOTU’ being slapped because he is late with a customer’s chai order or a young girl dressed in old, torn, rags weaving her way among the dense and chaotic traffic of India’s city streets to sell balloons, flowers for few rupees, if these children have rights to good healthcare, nutrition, adequate schooling, freedom of expression, protection from anything that may be harmful?

Need and Significance of Rules of Interpretation

The law is laid down in the statutes by the legislative makers. These laws employ different characteristics, wordings, sentences and thus, accordingly, the meaning might differ in regard to the common parlance. That is why there is a need for the courts, who apply those laws given in the statute, to form the correct meaning and find out the true intention of the legislature in regard to that particular provision, law and statute.

Sexual Harassment of Men

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment involving the use of explicit or implicit sexual overtones, including the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.[1] Sexual harassment includes a range of actions from verbal transgressions to sexual abuse or assault. Harassment can occur in many different social settings such as the workplace, the home, school, churches, etc. Harassers or victims may be of any gender.


Air pollution is one of the world’s largest health and environmental problems. It consists of chemicals or particles in the air that can harm the health of humans, animals, and plants. It also damages buildings. Pollutants in the air take many forms. They can be gases, solid particles, or liquid droplets.

False Confession- under Indian evidence act and study of false confessions in few other countries

Securing and creating adequate evidentiary material under the steady gaze of the court is without a doubt the most basic fragment of a proceeding. Confession is one of the methods through which an individual’s blame is set up in a courtroom, and conviction is as a rule the result of it. The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 which is the brief, codified version of the English law of Evidence, except for a couple of adjustments, possibly sets down guidelines in regards to when an admission can be allowed. The term confession has not been defined anywhere under the act; it makes its first appearance in Section 24 that


Hanging is that type of rough asphyxia passing, which is brought about by the suspension of the body by a ligature which encompasses the neck, the tightening power being the weight. It is a typical practice in India and in different nations, to slaughter a casualty and afterward to suspend the body from tree or some other item to reproduces antemortem hanging with suicidal hanging. It is therefore,

Child labour in Indian society

Each child he has the right to have a youth that is fun and instructive, however everywhere on over the world countless youngsters are denied of even the most essential of rights.
Nearly 33% of the total populace comprises of youngsters. Presently the question emerges, who is a kid? Or then again who can be considered as a kid? Finding a solitary definition to depict a “kid” is turning into a tough assignment. The plain word reference importance of the word ‘child’ is that, a youngster particularly among early stages and youth.

Animal cruelty and Laws for protection of animal rights

One must have probably observed individuals shooting fowls, harming lost canines and leaving innocuous and blameless creatures to famishment and death or seen associations improperly testing their items on creatures, creatures being abused in zoos, circus or parks for amusement and thought about whether there is an end to this merciless routine.

Should India revise the age of marriage?

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, while addressing the nation Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech that the centre has set a 10 member board of trustees who are revaluating the base time of marriage for women. Before 1978 the lawful marriage age for a women was 15 years which was changed in 1978 after amending the archaic Sarda Act of 1929.


Intellectual property is a class of property that incorporates elusive manifestations of the human mind. Licensed innovation (IP) has been customarily ordered into Industrial property and Copyright. The term Industrial Property incorporates licenses, trademarks, mechanical plans, and geographic signs of source. Copyright insurance is conceded to secure scholarly, imaginative and melodic works. Licensed innovation rights are for the most part supposed to be a heap of selective rights allowed to the legal proprietor.


India is one of the most diverse nations in terms of religion, it is also the birthplace of 4 major religions Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Several other small religions are also co-existing in Indian society. Religion diversity is a feature of Indian Social Culture which creates a dispute between different religious people on a large scale since many years ago. India is very well known for its Hindu and Muslim religious disputes, like the major dispute of Ram Janmabhoomi between the Hindu and Muslim communities.


Water Pollution is a serious problem in the global world. The world environmental problems include loss of species and biodiversity, toxic chemicals and hazardous waste, ozone depletion, trans boundary air pollution and climate change. It happens when toxic substances enter into water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans and so on, getting dissolved in them which degrades the quality of water.

Police Brutality during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created social upheaval and altered norms for all members of society, but its effects on first responders have been particularly profound. Law enforcement officers have been expected to coordinate local shutdowns, encourage social distancing, and enforce stay-at-home mandates all while completing the responsibilities for which they are already understaffed and underfunded.

Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining and The regulatory framework for Environmental Management

Utilization and exploitation of any fuel resources, be it coal, uranium, natural gas or oil, needs proper measures, safeguards and regulations. Extraction of coal was primarily used for generating electricity. Coal mining in India was strictly under the private sectors. Coal Mining under private ownership suffered to a great extent due to lack of scientific methods, undiscriminating mining practices and poor living standards of the miners.


A drug is any substance (except for food and water) which, when taken into the body, alters the body’s function either physically and/or psychologically. Drugs may be legal (e.g. alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco) or illegal (e.g. cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin).


Old age is an indispensable stage of life of a human being that a man cannot avoid except untimely death. The conditions of old age people are miserable care and protection of parents is ignored and they are denied basic amenities of life. Their social, economic, and health securities are threatened to affect their right to live with dignity guaranteed under various laws.


Drug trafficking and substance abuse has been a burgeoning issue at both Municipal and international stature for the last half a century. Drugs are not only harmful to the health of an individual but is also a source of various other crimes such as theft, money laundering or any other criminal activity to procure such substances for satiating the addiction for the same.


International law forming part of natural law is universal in nature and tends to resolve disputes among states and regulate their behavior in accordance with internationally accepted legal standards. International law does not have a sovereign or any particular authority, whose command is followed, instead it follows the will and consciousness of the concerned states.


Acquaintance rape is a sex crime committed by someone who knows the victim. It could be a friend, classmate, relative, co-worker. As a sex crime, acquaintance rape includes forced, manipulated or coerced sexual contact.
Acquaintance rape includes a subcategory of incidents labeled violation that involves those that are in romantic or sexual relationships with one another.


Feminism in India is a series of movements aimed at identifying, setting up and protecting equal political and economic rights for women in India. It is the pursuit of women’s rights in the Indian community.


From ancient times India believes in the concept of living in the family. So, in order to promote the same concept of living with unity, the miscarriage of foetuses and termination of pregnancy is strongly discouraged by society and is also a punishable offence in India.

Child sexual abuse: and laws in India.

In India, where children are considered as ‘flower of god’, they are the most imminent part of the society. Future depends on todays youth, and todays youth are the children of the society. Mental stability of the children is very important for stable future of the country. Child sexual abuse was acknowledged as a specific sexual abuse recently, prior to which it was considered as a part of rape under the criminal law.


Among all the inventions witnessed by world, the most praised invention is that of the Internet. With the creation of ARPAnet in the late 1960s, the Internet has come a long way in today’s day and age. With the invention of computers, the Internet reached our homes and later with the invention of the “world wide web,” the world completely changed.


Article15 which states “state shall not discriminate against any citizen on the ground of religion,race,caste,sex,place of birth or any of them” AND reservation is exception of Article15 clause (1) and clause (2) which was inserted by the constitutional 1st amendment act 1951

E-Contract laws in India

Abstract Today with remarkable advancement in the areas of computer technology, software and information technology have transformed the standard of living of people in an unimaginable way. The communication is no more restricted due to the curbs of geography and time. Information is transmitted and received widely and within seconds than ever before. And here …

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The National Education Policy – 2020

Abstract The New Education Policy was enforced on Wednesday, July 29. The Union cabinet approved the policy that aims to enhance the country’s education system. Union Ministers for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar and Human Resource Development minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, made the announcement on the NEP- 2020. Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reviewed the …

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“This outbreak is a test of political, financial and scientific solidarity for the world to fight a common enemy that does not respect borders… what matters now is stopping the outbreak and saving lives.”- Dr Tedros, Director General, WHO Being declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concerns, COVID -19 has unleashing effects on life, …