“She wore her scars as best attire, a stunning dress made of hell fire.”

The attack which isn’t to kill a lady however to install a pathetic condition, and pressure to stay an eternal existence of ache and apathy. Women have by no means handled equally, they’re taken into consideration as the 2d magnificence citizen withinside the male dominant society. Crime on girls has been accomplished for a long time however the manner of doing crime has reformed, now ‘ACID’ is the weapon of choice.


Acid assault is a shape of attack violence, wherein acid or some other corrosive substance is purposely thrown at every other person, as a way to disfigure, torture or kill that person, in addition to inflicting mental trauma. Acid is described as fairly risky weapon, it reasons in no way finishing struggling to the victim; it critically burns and damages the pores and skin and drills beneath the flesh, the corrosive nature of acid is so excessive that affects even withinside the melting of the bones, the cranium get destroyed which frequently bring about lack of hair, eyelids burn off ensuing withinside the eyelids now not getting close, nostril collapsed because of which sufferers even faces hassle in respiratory as every now and then acid swelled thru neck or inhale thru nostril, lips get injured, ear shrivel up , reasons unrivalled degree of ache to the victim. This may even cause permanent disabilities at instances like blindness and deafness. Acid assaults steer irrevocable symptoms and symptoms of scars on the frame and face of the victim. The kinds of corrosive materials used withinside the crime of acid assault are sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. These acids are used for domestic purposes, chemical compounds in factories, etc. Therefore, everyone can locate those acid effects and at quite reasonably-priced prices, that’s the primary purpose of those attacks.

The crime of acid assault may be dedicated towards any man or woman regardless of their age, caste or religion. However, the 226th Law Commission of India admits that the vicious crime of acid assault has gender foundation in India. As consistent with the study, it may be concluded that 85% of sufferers are ladies and has been a part of such incidents due to refusal to idea of marriage, finishing of relationship, no longer pleasing call for dowry, rejection for sexual intercourse, domestic intolerance and own circle of relatives disputes. These assaults have come to be an expression of showing masculinity over ladies and girl’s bodies, they need to assure, if he can’t have her nobody else can. Attack through acid often took place to take their revenge for the rejection they can’t face and the ego that was given hurt. Any girls haven’t ever an idea of a disfigured or burned face, the result of telling a person fact that she doesn’t have the sensation of affection for him. Acid assaults are used as a weapon to silence and manipulate girls through destroying her identity.

Acid assault is a powerful manner of committing a criminal offense for the perpetrator, most effective a drop of acid is had to wreck someone’s life, that is without difficulty to be had at any keep at 10 or 15 rupees a litre, that is distinctly reasonably-priced to buy. Assaulter simply has to tune down the victim, detain her and pour acid and leave her in a pitiful situation. Immediate assistance is typically no longer to be had which makes the ache manner greater severe.

The out of doors accidents can be repairable however the internal damages left withinside the thoughts of sufferers of the assault, absolutely destroys her hopes and dreams. Victims might also additionally face intellectual fitness troubles like depression, anxiety, insomnia and submit stressful pressure disorder (PTSD). They are embarrassed that human beings might also stare or giggle at them and communicate approximately with them at the back of their backs which may also hesitate them to depart their houses fearing an negative response from the out of doors international. Flashback and nightmares of the trauma or incident maintain occupying her thoughts, everytime she faces the global she has to undergo that extreme ache purpose to her at the primary incident.

“Here in India humans react otherwise if I stroll on the road without masking my face. They ask questions, stare at you and communicate badly.”

This is the announcement given through the acid assault sufferer Reshma Qureshi. The survivors of acid assaults need to face now no longer most effective bodily and mental damages however additionally social distresses like social isolation, issue in marriage, employment problems. Their faces end up a permanent glitch to social life. If every person requested that, does it appear to matter? Most solutions are ‘No’, however here it proved wrong, appears truly subjects in India as nobody needs to marry a disfigured face girl, nobody supply process to them emerge as in their semblance. They come to be economic depending on their households. They assume their households could now no longer be shamed in this manner if the acid assault hadn’t occurred due to the fact the society normally blames the sufferer for the incident due to the fact whatever befell to her turned into the end result of her personal mistakes. The wrongdoer limits the capacity of the sufferer to interact in public life.

The quantity of acid assault instances reviews is growing progressively in India, no matter of very best courtroom docket has been handed the pointers for the law of the acid, this will have side,

  • Firstly, the survivors now no longer discover themselves on my own after being attentive to the tale of other victims, so that you can pop out and file the crime.
  • Secondly, the attackers have an effect on through the clean accessibility of the acid and committing the crime.


There became no precise regulation to cope with acid assault in India. Acid assault isn’t always taken into consideration as a separate offense, it changed into registered beneath neath Section 326 of Indian Penal Court which is ‘voluntary inflicting grievous harm’. But the harm because of the crime of acid assault ought to now no longer be clubbed beneath neath this provision. In 2013, the Criminal Amendment Act (2013) turned into handed on the advice of the Justice JS Verma Commission wherein new provisions, Section 326A and Section 326B, have been inserted withinside the Indian Penal Court via which acid assault identified as separate crime and described punishments for throwing acid or trying to throw acid.

Section 326A of Indian Penal Court states : “ Whoever reasons everlasting or partial harm or deformity to, or burns or mains or disfigures or disables, any element or components of the frame of a individual or reasons grievous harm via way of means of throwing acid on or with the aid of using administering acid to that individual, or with the aid of using the use of another way with the aim of inflicting or with the expertise that he’s possibly to reason such damage or harm, will be punished with imprisonment of both description for a time period which shall now no longer be much less than ten years however which may also make bigger to imprisonment for life, and with fine.”

Section 326B of Indian Penal Court states : “Whoever throws or tries to throw acid on any individual or tries to manage acid to any individual, or tries to apply some other method, with the aim of inflicting everlasting of partial harm or deformity of burns or maiming or disfigurement or incapacity or grievous harm to that man or woman, will be punished with imprisonment of both description for a time period which shall now no longer be much less than 5 years, however which may also quantity to seven years and additionally be at risk of fine.”

Acid assault is now a non-bailable and awareness offence.


Laxmi v. Union of India

Laxmi Agarwal, one of the most well-known superstars today, anybody realized her after her biopic film called ‘Chhapaak’. She was venerated with the International Women Empowerment Awardand International Women Of Courage Award . But then in 2005, she became a woman of 15 yr of age, even as she turned into looking ahead to a bus in a hectic avenue close to Tughlaq road, guys poured acid on her. She had refused to marry one of the assailants named Naeem Khan aka Guddu. To take revenge he harshly burnt her face and higher frame and destroyed her childhood. She misplaced all her friends and dropped out from school. She belongs to a terrible circle of relatives and financially they discover it too difficult to control the surgical procedures value. She needed to undergo seven surgical procedures, all of the value bore via way of means of a benefactor that is about Rs. 2.five lakhs. The perpetrators turned into convicted with the aid of using Delhi district courtroom docket for try and homicide however later were given bail from High Court and the cause given via way of means of the courtroom docket for giving bail changed into that the courtroom docket haven’t any concept of severity of the incident, this made the sufferer marvel and brought about report a Public Interest Litigation in 2006 which raised issues:

  • New segments must be added (amendment) withinside the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 regarding acid attacks.
  • A whole ban at the sale and counter sale of acids.
  • Compensation and remedy which encompass reconstructive surgery, loose medicine, bed, rehabilitation and aftercare of acid assault sufferers.

The apex courtroom docket directed all of the states and Union territories :

  • Acid assault sufferers will be supplied reimbursement of Rs. three lakhs for clinical remedy.
  • It is obligatory to offer Rs. 1 lakh inside 15 days of assault and closing Rs. 2 lakhs in coming subsequent 2 months to the victim.
  • States and UT’s ought to have aftercare rehabilitation centres for acid assault survivors.

State of Maharashtra v. Ankur Panwar

On 2 may also 2013, 23 years Preeti Rathi had got here Mumbai for the process of nursing in INS Mumbai in Colaba. She became attacked with acid via the means of Ankur Panwar. The Bombay High Court convicted the 25 years vintage panwar for acid assault and murder. In the records of acid assault in our country, loss of life penalty turned into the first given in this case.


Even in any case legal guidelines and schemes made however the wide variety of instances are growing steadily. The first information of acid assault instances throughout India became recorded in 2014. According to the facts said by the National Crime Record Bureau 1500 instances have been stated from 2014 to 2018, most of the instances aren’t even said because of the concern that they could face extra risky attacks in future.
After 2013 change the pronounced instances have extended simultaneously:

  • 2016 – 223
  • 2017 – 244
  • 2018 – 228

West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are the worst states in terms of acid assault instances.


What measures do we have to take? We need to do the strengthening of the implementation of the regulations and regulations. The extrade withinside the regulation could be powerful and most effective while carried out properly. Implementation needs the position of every one folks if we see over any default withinside the policies and regulations :

  • Counter sale of banned acid until the vendor holds a document of purchaser.
  • Dealers can promote after the customer confirms a central authority picture graph identity identification and specifying purpose.
  • Sellers have to publish the info of sale to the nearby police inside three days of transaction.
  • Prohibited to be bought beneath neath 18 yr of age.
  • All shares should be declared with the nearby sub-divisional Justice of the Peace within 15 days.
  • Undeclared shares might be confiscated and the defaulter fined up to Rs. 50000.

We need to whinge and the government wants to take action. Prevention is always higher than cure. In addition to this, authorities ought to offer sufficient price range to the sufferer for scientific treatment. All the hospitals have to offer first and unfastened service, latter the different crook procedure. Immediate enables must be to be had withinside the rural regions to lessen the danger of damage. Employment ought to be offered to the survivors of the assaults in order that they can have become independent. For monetary independence, the society should deliver the same possibility through not seeing the scar however the capabilities for the survivors. And the maximum vital step to lessen this crime is ‘attention’, focus among the human beings to deal with the sufferer because the ordinary character so that they arrive in their residence and stay a regular social life, attention among the dealers of acid to comply with all of the guidelines. If we extrade our questioning in the direction of them, they also can extrade their life.


Acid assault is usually dealt with less, examining different crimes. However, the peak of brutality in acid assault is extra than that withinside the instances of rape. The Judge Shende said, “Rape destroys the soul of the sufferer. But she may be stored in isolation, without disclosing her identity, and be rehabilitated. But for an acid assault sufferer, she has to transport round together along with her destroyed body.”

The sufferer ought to have suffered an emotional misery which can’t be compensated both through sentencing the accused or via way of means of furnishing any compensation. Therefore, to lessen assaults on women the equal punishment (acid thrown on their faces) must be received by the individual in order that they sense the identical because the sufferer feels.

In the movie ‘Chhapaak’, the acid assault survivor Laxmi deliver a easy option to prevent all these assaults, “Kitna acha hota…Agar Acid bikta hi nahi….Milta hi nahi toh…Phikta bhi nahi”. A ban on the sale of acid withinside the retail marketplace is the most effective option to forestall acid assaults in India. But the query stays the identical, is acid without problems to be had in India? The solution is ‘Yes’, the damaging liquid is nevertheless offered even without soliciting for an identity card or reason of purchase. And the query I am asking from you all, will we care approximately this?


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