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In today’s world everything is transferred and modernized through technology. Technology is everywhere what we see, what we hear and how we feel and work from morning to night. We have to be smart and digitized competing with technology.

The way crime is increasing day by day, normal investigation is not working. Criminals are picking more nets, so police need to be more vigilant with the help of technology. There is a lot of technology in the police station now, but it needs to be provided through this smart investigation. Use of technological ideas are a new tool for increasing and fighting against criminal cases.


Registering criminal cases, technology in registering criminal cases, FIR in police station, role of Kolkata police in criminal cases, safety & security of women with the help of technology.


According to Section 154 CrPC any information regarding acceptable offenses can be reported to the police station by the victim or a person who has knowledge about the act. The information that they said will be recorded in the police station as FIR.

The person who has been attacked or who is a witness  of the incident can come to the police station or register a complaint about the crying in general.

Technology has changed everything, crime and investigation of crime are no exception for boosting the digital India digital digitization of police stations. For transforming a police force into an account knowledge basis thereby improving the delivery of citizen centric services by using the latest technologies in registering investigation of crime and detection. The detention of police station is needed as there is no central data system and there is no tracking system to track all the FIR and general diaries. There is a critical need to create an ICT platform for data sharing in police stations across the country in order to effectively deal with the criminals. We to infrastrate the police station with desktops, laptops, printers, digital pens, digital cameras, networking equipment and UPS systems for continuous power supply and ensuring better investigation and registration. Police departments had enhanced tool crime information for investigation and registering and centralized repositories to data on criminals.

With advance such capabilities of technology enabled better coordination with external stakeholders and improved the police departments. The transferring modalization of police stations have digitally empowered citizens. So that they can easily launch FIR through online without any hesitations and visiting the police stations. Citizens also have easy access to general services and seeing  again the revencing register to the police station enhances the quality of life. Through this technology improvement in police stations, police can make information an integral part by supporting India’s digitalization and empowerment. It is important to control crime and maintain public order . Now police stations have the power to enhance the social, environmental and economic situation by enabling paper free in the digital process and leading a safer society.


This paper is descriptive in nature and the research is based on a secondary source for the information and process of technology in registering criminal cases. Newspapers, journals, websites, and information from the society are used for the research paper.


Why do we need technology for changing the police registering in criminal cases to fight against crime?

  • The power to track people and data than ever before. Technology is going to be worth its weight in gold.

The biggest concern is that anybody could end up being in that database where to draw the line between security and privacy. The National Security Agency has been collecting phone records and email for years as a continuous national conversation about the federal government’s access to private information and local enforcement. Now police stations are ready to experiment with new crime fighting tools,eye on the street and in the skies finding images to command centers. Investigation reports show us some of the new technologies now being tested. Technology could change how police fight against crime. As an example, to find out the identity of a man for arrest, police don’t need to ask her name or check her I.D. Just police can use facial- recognition software to find the suspect’s mugshot and criminal history. One criminal can lie about his name, date of birth and address also. But tattoos, birthmarks, scars don’t lie. Police have access to more data than ever before raising questions about how that information is used and stored. They also take fingerprints to find a match. In police stations, computers do the same work in minutes to search palm prints and mug shots taken at the time of arrest. Special recognition software, biometrics and biological markers from face scans and palm prints in addition to fingerprints to indemnify suspect’s fingerprints themselves have been revolutionized. Now, they are taken on a mobile scanner.


Technology will soon allow police to track our every move all without a warrant. The legal issues over how these new technologies are used and who has access to all of this information are far from settled. Map of every incident that’s reported, a small picture of a bomb would be a bomb call, the masks are robbery calls, the fists are assault crimes. New technologies allow the police departments to do predictive policing, determining when and where crimes are more likely to occur. There are some law-enforcement applications that help to prevent crime. Provide police with useful leads on shootings, armed robberies and narcotics cases. With the help of modernized technology police have to solve a lot of the unsolvable crimes with no witness, no videotape surveillance and no fingerprints. To modernize the criminal justice system, police stations developed integrated cases with technology. The report notes are important in investigations that are registered through technology. Digital tools that are used in police stations hold important evidence and skills. Technical training for workers on how to properly use digital tools is necessary for improving. Databases of evidence are also registered through technology. Technology needs to make greater efforts to identify the cases and work. New technologies are developing rapidly day by day. Technology offers new tools to law enforcement and criminal cases. Powerful technological tools provide the forces to operate and serve the police communities. Police departments should be equipped with modern technology adopted to prevent crimes using smart apps and web for reporting crime. Technological advancement gives new opportunities in criminal cases. It brings legal challenges. Use of technology increases constantly for the concern of every nation. Technologies are being misused for other purposes but are also used for securing the criminal cases and for securing the criminal cases and making them possible. Encryption software is sophisticated but also user-friendly for registering a case. Technology innovations include new materials, devices and equipment that can be used to control crime. People should have trust and confidence in our democratic system and legal institutions. In police stations, the use of technology has helped to tackle crimes. Police can prevent unauthorized or fake cases in this modernized world.

New and innovative ideas have made possible tremendous progress through technology in every sphere of life. It has contributed in creating, registering actual cases and changed the environment to control all illicit works. Police departments face the challenges of managing and using an ever growing amount of data. Data mining technology was designed to address needs related to handling the cases. Specialized software allows the departments to analyze massive cases and time frames, identification and recognizing crime patterns. Done software packages also allow for creation of automated reports and dashboards, prediction maps and crime trends. The potential for Technological software to uncover underlying and registered cases of crime trends and patterns that can inform the allocation of police stations as a crime prevention and predictive policing. Technology does not attempt to unveil key factors that differentiate those police stations that do not use such systems.


You may go to the police station closest to the location of the crime. No police station can refuse filing a First Information Report. In a Zero FIR police can take action without any court approval for the cases like murder, rape and other perceptible offences. If you want to file a FIR through the Police Station or Online Form, that is obviously free of cost. No charge can be applicable for filling any FIR. It is a first step and important document for giving justice for that crime. Then the police can start their investigation and collect evidence and statements. After arresting the criminal, the police will put all their investigated documents and information in a challan or Charge Sheet for presenting in the court. If the Criminal has been committed, you can close the case with the help of the police station.

You know that  technology is now in everybody’s hand and very readily available. If you do not have any time to go to the police station after the crime happened to you or your nearest one. The technology will reach you to lodge the complaint. You have to choosen the area of the police station where you want to file. As like you want to Register FIR with Kolkata Police without going to the Police Stations through the internet.

There are the steps that may helps you :

  1. Who wants to file a First Information Report, Go to Google, hit on the link to visit the website of Kolkata Police.
  2. At the middle of the desktop following the menu will open – 

           i) Write to the commissioner of       


           ii) Missing Person

           iii) Report a Crime

  1. Click on the Report a Crime.

Then you have to fill up the form with correct information like : Details about the crime, how to get in touch with you, Name, Address, Police Station, E-mail Id and a Security Code of the Complainant.

  1. After completing the form hit on the Send option.
  2. Then your complaint can be registered with Kolkata Police. You have to keep in your mind that false Complaints of offences shall be punished  and liable to fine under the Section. 211 of IPC. Police have tried to do their best according to the information and guidelines. If the police refuse to register a FIR a written complaint can be sent to the Superintendent of Police or the Judicial magistrate.

You can make Phone Calls with Kolkata Police for Solving your Cases. In each State and area this facility is available like Kolkata Police Station. The complainant can call the Lalbazar Control Room on 2250-5500, 2214-3230, or 2214-3024. You may go through the website of West Bengal Police and you can find some Emergency Telephone Number to contact.

All of you in this country need to know what kind of help this technology has extended for a general person and their problems in filing an FIR in a police station. On the other hand, it is important to know how the women of the country are getting protection with the help of technology and police stations, since we all have mothers, daughters, wives in our home who are constantly being oppressed through Kidnap, Rape, Marital-rape, Murder, Domestic torture etc. As I’m a woman, and as I have a responsibility towards the country, the country and all the men also have a responsibility to protect that woman with the help of Police Administration and Advanced Technology. The West Bengal State Government Commission established an autonomous statutory body, Women’s Commission. You can call the Emergency Helpline Number for help in an emergency situation : Women Helpline – 1091, Child Helpline Number – 1098.

With the help of West Bengal Police Administration, Kolkata Police has come up with many ways to protect girls through technology. They have a Women squad team, ” Winners” in curbing crime against women to prevent these problems and make public places safe for women. They all are trained with experts and strong mental set up. The team starts their work morning to night all day in the areas : school, colleges, Shopping Mall, Bus Stop and lonely places where crime can be high for the girls who are facing problems day by day. If a complaint is received the “winners” intercept the alleged accused persons on the spot. On weekends they conduct amti- drunken drives with local police stations, patrolling late-night party hubs to ensure the protection of the female rather than to keep the women of the city safe. Each of the women police of this team “Winners” are well set up with body cameras and comfortable protective dress. They are the winners, respectively with the help of Kolkata police.

Kolkata Police launched a new app, “Bondhu” for citizens. The advantages of this app are – You can access online FIR, Report crimes, Register domestic helps, Track mobile no, SOS, etc.

What should you do after booking Cab, Taxi…?

How a girl saved herself from creeping and misbehaving…?

How do they protect herself from phone calls, Ill-treatments and harassment… in the street or house…?

There is some safety and security in India with the help of technology, that’s why parents can also be safe and tension free for their girls and wives. Some apps have been launched like “Raksha”, “My Security My responsibility ( MSMR), Women Safety” etc. for an emergency situation it can track your Mobile location, and send it to the registered mobile no. and women helpline number. It has a sensor system, you can shake the Mobile while you feel unsafe and dropped in crime. In the time of rising crime, if you signal, through these apps it can take the back camera of the criminal and front camera also with adding some audio, video, then alert through sending registered mobile or e-mail id.

“Hotline Kiosk” is setting up in the city, kolkata. This is equipped with a computer operating system. 24*7 computerized complaint facility for those women who are in distress. This is connected to Lalbazar Control Room. They will inform the local police station for quick action. You just press the button of the LCD screen at the Kiosk then you can connect with the control room to lodge a complaint immediately. Kolkata Police also arranged training camps for the Cab, taxi driver and bus conductor on how to behave properly with the women passengers. Then the authority of the car will be given a sticker, ” This Car Respect Women”.

The essential element of these facilities is to cut down the number of crimes like gang raped and others against Women.

There is no time limit to file a criminal case in the police station but it is court which can decide the time limit, if required.

Report to the CID through online to lodge FIR with west bengal police Criminal investigation Department –

One person can file an criminal incident with the website of CID, west bengal. You can report like Burglar, vehicle thief, vehicle highjacker, dacoit, smuggler, human trafficking, and other criminal cases through link – . You may visit the link and follow the steps and fill up all the informations and submit the report.

Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) is a scheme namely, Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA). The system includes a nationwide online tracking system by integrating more than 14,000 police stations across the country. The project is being implemented by the National Crime Records Bureau.

 97% of India’s police stations equipped with CCTNS software and connectivity, it is possible to digitize data, ensure data migration, integrate FIR registration, and launch citizen portals. The aim of this system is to integrate, standardize and harmonize the criminal justice system of India.

Scope of using Technology-

  • Through the e- FIR, one can file FIR from anywhere and anytime in India.
  •  Advanced technology can increases the e-knowledge for the the current and future generations.
  • This type of case report through online can decreases the crime.
  • online facility of the reportting FIR may be very useful to all the users.
  •  use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can handle all

            of the transparency related to the information. All the information of the       

            government would be made available on the internet.

  • Flexible service of the police stations will be highly diserable to the citizens of India.
  • Technology can facilitate a citizen friendly functioning of the police.

FIR made through Telegram conveying message to the police officer can not be treated as a report because of the authenticity and authorship. Informations by the telephone or electronic -mail to the police station  is not possible to obtain until it verified the signature and identity of the informant or complainant as contemplated in Section 154 of Crpc. Where there is not possible to identify the signature of the sender or the messager but the information is true, in that case the signature of the police officer who is in the charge of the station verified the information under s.154 of CrPC, has become the informatnt or the complainant himself. It is called Suo- motu.

Express FIRs shall be sent directly to the superintendent of police, senior superintendent of police, judicial magistrate, inspector general of police having jurisdiction and also the District Magistrate in respect of the initial special report. some cases those are relating to this cases – decoity, serious disturbance and riot, kidnapping of children, house breaking and theft over 50000/- robbery. The express report should be sent in  quickest way.


I think the oppression and crime against women in India must be completely eradicated. The use of technology should reach every girl in the country. So that they should be able to get out of the house without facing any crime. So that not only the women, everyone will  extend their hand to free the country from all kinds of crime.

The impact of technology or relevant outcome measures has also been legally used. The perceived impact of technology on common policing activities with the help of technology obtaining in depth qualitative data and how technological innovations are identified in criminal cases. Modernized technology helps to meet knowledge requirements to reach the goals, to quantify success,  and can evaluate effectiveness of both process and outcomes. For better success the field of police stations have to increase sustainability and maximize the effects of technological use.



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NAME – RASIDA KHATUN, 5th Sem LL.B (Hons.)