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Ministry of Corporate Affairs Legal Trainees Program at Office of Registrar of Companies, Mumbai [Legal Internship]: Apply Now!

The Office of Registrar of Companies, Mumbai is inviting applications from law students for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Legal Trainees Program (Legal Internship).

About the Office of the Registrar of Companies
Registrar of Companies, Mumbai being the field office of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is the regulator for companies registered with it in the state of Maharashtra.
The office deals with compliances such as approval of e-forms, Mergers and Acquisitions, Prospectus, CSR, Nidhi Companies as well as enforcement measures which include inquiry, inspection and investigation under the Companies Act, 2013.

About the Legal Trainee Program (Internship)
A trainee applying under this internship will be attached with the Legal Department which undertakes criminal prosecution, adjudication and compounding functions under Companies Act, 2013.

Responsibilities of the Legal Trainee

  1. Preparation of complete case sheets including the brief history and orders passed, in prosecutions for compoundable/ non-compoundable offences pending with the concerned field office.
  2. Prepare and maintain an up to date status for the stage and age of prosecutions for compoundable/ non-compoundable offences pending with the concerned field office.
  3. Prepare suggested further course of action for each prosecution with the assistance of the legal department of the field office.
  4. Besides the aforementioned primary work, legal trainee may assist the legal department of the respective field offices in preparation, filing and monitoring of litigations/prosecutions. This would include but not be limited to, drafting of fresh complaints, petitions, counter affidavits etc. Preparation of brief in each pending case, status of service in the matter, completion of case file and other ancillary tasks.
  5. The legal trainee may accompany the prosecutor/concerned officer to the Courts/Tribunals for assistance/observation of proceedings.
  6. Perform the tasks mentions in (1) to (4) above, for all legal matters of the field offices/Ministry headquarters, before the Supreme Court/High Courts/Tribunals.
  7. Under no circumstances, a legal trainee would represent the field office/Ministry before any Court/Tribunal but may be permitted to liaise with Government authorities/ court staff/ Central Agency section of the Supreme Court/ Litigation section of the High Courts/Ld Counsels/Ld ASG, after authorisation from the concerned officers.

  8. Location
    Registrar of Companies, 100, Everest Building, Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Duration of the Internship
Minimum 2 months, applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.

This is a pro-bono program

Undergraduate law students and fresh legal graduates

How to Apply?
Resumes detailing the candidates’ academic and professional profiles along with the forwarding/recommendation letter from the Principal/Professor-in-charge should be sent to: roc.mumbai@mca.gov.in with cc: rujuta.bankar@mca.gov.in

Certificate for the Legal Traineeship
Upon completion of their training, legal trainees shall be granted a certificate acknowledging their contribution.

Contact Information
Ms. Rujuta Bankar, ICLS
Assistant Registrar of Companies, Mumbai
Email: rujuta.bankar@mca.gov.in / rujuta.b@gov.in