Amity Centre for AI and Law is presenting its second mega event “BRAINWAVE” under Amity Youth Fest on 31st, March 2023

(Entries open for students from all institutes/colleges in Delhi NCR)

This is the ultimate competition that enables individuals to think outside the box, challenge their assumptions and develop their critical thinking skills.

The contest will comprise 2 rounds which will be as follows:

Round 1

Creative teams will present their case study: Each team will get 5-7 minutes to speak on the given topic and present their case study to the judges. This round will be purely based on checking the degree of innovation among the teams.

Round 2

Chit-based selection of topics by the selected teams: Teams will be given 15 minutes to evaluate and analyze the topic picked by them, and then they will be given 3-5 minutes to articulate their views on the topic.

The topic for Round 1:

How rapidly changing AI technology is influencing the field of law? State a case study/innovation of any AI-based tool being used or can be used in any sector.

Prizes for Winners:

Cash prize worth Rs. 10,000, a trophy and an opportunity to publish their presented case study.

(Certificates to all the participants according to the round they qualify up to)

Eligibility: Students from any background (No specific requirement)

Students can participate individually or in duos.

Participation Fee: Rs. 200

Venue: I2 Block Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

(Students from other institutions will be allowed to enter from Gate 1)

Student Coordinator Details:

Aryan Vaibhav Srivastava

+91 8840465884

Disha Hooda

+91 93153 52337

Naman Kapoor

+91 96504 67194

Register through the google form:

Deadline: 25th March 2023.