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Paid Law Firm based Internship Opportunity under Sr. Adv. S.B. Keshvani, Ahmedabad

LinkedIn Profile of the resource person:

Stipend: First Month: 5000/- & Second Month: 7000/-

Tenure of Internship: 2 months.

If the candidate is found to be suitable for a role, he will be offered a position in the firm based on the merits of this professional profile.

About the Resource Person:

Sr. Adv. S.B. Keshvani has been in the legal profession for 38 years, with a very good track record of success, primarily practicing on the civil side as well as in the areas of the NI Act and the MV Act. He has been the Senior Advocate of Gujrat Industrial Development Corporation, a government-owned corporation, for more than 38 years. Sr. Adv. S.B. Keshvani is also a Bank of India panel advocate and handles legal matters for many leading corporations and notable individuals. He practices before the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court, the City Civil and Sessions Court, the Consumer Court, and all Revenue Authorities.

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