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“Standing out from the crowd is the need of the hour.”Your CV is your most valuable tool to get into job interview stage. Therefore, the more effort you put into tailoring your CV, the more likely you are to get shortlisted for an interview for the job you are applying for.Listing your work history in chronological order in no longer than two pages is a skill in itself but it will take more than that to grab your dream job!KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW TO BE AN ALL-STAR PERFORMER.LdX brings you an elite Workshop on “How to Build an All-Star profile to boost visibility in Job Market”.Introducing Mr. Charan Singh (Recruitment & Development Expert) on 25/04/2021 @paradigmshifters


25+ Years experience in Training, Marketing, Recruitment & Sales Admin. Trained internally by ZYDUS Training Team, Certification on Coaching, 2010 by LLR-SMR HR Group, Malaysia.Worked with Cipla Health, Zydus HealthCare, DKT India, Abbott Health Care, Unichem Labs.



Rs.100/- for Certification. 

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