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Physical Internship Opportunity at MnP Legal, Delhi

About the Firm
MnP Legal is a New Delhi based law firm, having specialised, practical and diverse insight into the Indian Legal System. It is a litigation firm that runs under the leadership of AOR Anand Mishra.

It has been providing relevant and suitable legal solutions to both the individuals as well as the corporate houses in various branches of the law ranging from Civil, Criminal, IPR and Alternative Dispute Resolution, across the country.

Location: – Bengali Market, New Delhi

About the Internship:-
They believe that every lawyer is under a professional obligation to impart legal education and training to society and law students in particular. Following this principle, the office provides internships to law students as per available slots.

While they are committed to providing internship opportunities to the law students, the office has certain rules, which are implemented without any discrimination and leniency. The following rules are very important for each intern to follow and the Institution is requested to ensure that their students are made aware of these rules and are instructed to comply with them same.

These rules are not exhaustive and only the most important are mentioned:
Each intern in the office during the internship is treated like a full professional and is assigned the responsibilities accordingly (of course, as the law permits).
Each intern has to understand that in a law office there are no fixed office hours and s/he must not expect it. However, the minimum office timings are 10 am to 7.30 PM. An intern may be asked to come early or leave late, if the work assigned demands so.
No different/preferential treatment is provided to any intern on any ground whatsoever, including but not limited to gender.
Each intern is required to dress in black and white with a neck-tie for male and equally for female with suitable modifications, of course. When s/he is permitted to come to the office in attire other than black & white uniform, s/he has to dress formally and appropriately that suits a legal professional.

The intern must maintain a good level of hygiene.
The intern has to carry her/his own laptop.

The intern shall not disclose any information of the office to any person outside the office ever, even after expiry of the internship period. She/he shall not discuss the cases worked upon in the office referring to the names of the client. The intern shall be bound to maintain confidentiality throughout the internship and even thereafter.

Each intern is required to understand professional ethics and follow the same.
No stipend/fee/allowance is assured to the intern and s/he will have no right to demand for the same. The intern shall also not be liable to pay any fees/charges for learning in the office.

However, the intern shall be entitled for reimbursement of all the expenses incurred for and on behalf of the office with prior approval from the competent person.

No leave or vacation is allowed to any intern except in cases of extreme urgency and apart from those holidays, which are given to everyone else in the office.

No casual or time-pass internship is provided. The intern once selected must report on the date.

The office do not take more than 2 students from the same institution at the same time and these two students must not be related to each other, directly or indirectly.
The endeavour is that when a student leaves our office, s/he must leave as an improved human being and better learned, however, the student has to cooperate in the process and also go through the rigours of training and discipline, which is often relaxed in law school. Therefore, they must be ready for that and must endure it without any fuss.

Number of Vacancies:-

Roles and Responsibilities:-

To assist the senior lawyers and research on the topics, preparing briefs, etc.

Eligibility Criteria (Educational Background, Skills, and Abilities Required)
3rd Year to 5thYear law students from the law school registered and recognized under the Bar Council of India.

No Stipend

How to Apply?

E-mail the cv and cover letter at internsofanandmishra@gmail.com.
Application Deadline: Prior to 1-2 months of the application month.
Contact Information
E-mail ID:internsofanandmishra@gmail.com