Mira Mukhi Banga


On popular demand by the members of Kaam Bhari Cell, we have accommodated the best onboard with Mira Mukhi Banga, Corporate Lawyer and as per promised, Kaam Bhari Cell in collaboration with Jus Commune & Lawssistance has brought an incredible session on The extensive art of drafting CV and cover letter. The guest speaker for the same is the remarkable Mira Mukhi Banga, Corporate Lawyer. Register today to know the untold secrets of CV and Cover Letter drafting!

CVs are difficult to get right and a job/internship application’s success often depends on your cover letter. If you need an expert CV and advice on cover letters, then you have come to the right webinar. We have been bestowed with the presence of the outstanding Mira Mukhi Banga, Corporate Lawyer. We hereby attempt to encapsulate her excellence.

Mira Mukhi Banga is an independent legal practitioner holding rich experience of more than five years in the field of corporate law. She is an alumni of the prestigious NLU, Bangalore and Amity University. She is the founder of Team Lawssistance which comprises lawyers who are dedicated towards providing world-class services.