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Internship Opportunity at Office of State Information Commissioner, MP [Bhopal; For Aug/Sept]: Apply by July 5

Applications are invited for August/September internship opportunities under Shri Rahul Singh, Information Commissioner, in the Office of the Madhya Pradesh State Information Commission, Bhopal.

About the Office
shri rahul singh state information commissioner mp bhopal
Shri Rahul Singh is an Information Commissioner in the Madhya Pradesh State Information Commission, a statutory body constituted under the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act, 2005) entrusted with the power to receive and inquire into the appeals & complaints filed under the RTI Act.

Areas of Work
The interns shall be given exposure to various subjects dealing with RTI, Indian Constitution, Public Records Act, Official Secrets Act, and related laws, and would be expected to carry out research to support the adjudicatory process, communicate with Appellants & Officers, prepare case briefs, and supplement the process of live and online hearings of his Court.

The work details shall be communicated to the interns once they join the office. The Internship is open to all students who have a keen interest in the Right to Information Act, 2005. This opportunity will provide a clinical experience to students on various aspects of the RTI regime, particularly the work of the Information Commission.

About the Internship at Office of State Information Commissioner, MP
Applications are now open for an internship opportunity for Law or Humanities students for the months of August-September, at the Office of State Information Commissioner, MP.

The internship will be offline at M.P State Information Commission, Suchna Bhawan, 35-B Arera Hill, Bhopal-462011, Madhya Pradesh, India

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in the field of law or humanities are encouraged to apply
Students are required to be well versed in Hindi as well as English.
Students should possess proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel) and Google (Docs, Sheets)
Students should display resourcefulness, initiative, enthusiasm and be detail-oriented

All internships are voluntary and unpaid.

Duration of Internship
All internships are offered for at least 4 weeks and may be extended by the Office of the Information Commissioner.

How to Apply?
Applications submitted more than two months in advance shall not be considered.
Interested candidates shall submit their applications through the Google form provided.
Application Deadline
July 5, 2022

Contact Information
Email Address: pstorahulsingh@gmail.com

Contact Number: 0755-2460011 / +91-8319302356

A certificate of successful completion shall be issued by the officer to the concerned intern upon fulfilling all the tasks assigned to him/her. Interns not completing the internship for the requisite period will not be issued any certificate.

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